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How to calculate CBD dosage

It’s important to understand how to calculate the amount of CBD in a bottle. For example a 1000 mg CBD bottle. The average size of a CBD oil bottle is 30 ml. Each full dropper is 1 ml. By diving 1000 by 30 each full dropper has approximately 33.33 mg of CBD. A 500 mg …

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What is the traceability of products?

The traceability of products is knowing that the full process of your product. You can track that specific product from seed to sale. A sales associate can trace back to: Seed planted Bloom date Final hemp THC test date Harvest date Dry date Process date Product lab testing date Packaged date

CBD and drug testing

A sales associate cannot tell a customer that they cannot fail a drug test. Full-spectrum products have THC and a customer are more likely to fail a drug test. This is due to the small amounts of THC slowly building up inside their bodies. Broad-spectrum and CBD isolate do not contain THC, but we have …

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